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Driving Technology that Starts with the Driver
From utility trucks to emergency vehicles, EZ Trac is designed to give you the drivability and confidence you need to get the job done when you have to go off road. EZ Trac allows you to cost-efficiently upgrade to on-demand all-wheel drive without the need to add drive lines, transfer cases or raise chassis height.

EZ Trac is the first commercially available, steerable hydraulic drive assist system to simplify and overcome traction and mobility issues without sacrificing ride quality, safety and control.
Efficient When You Need It. And When You Don't
EZ Trac has the unique and unparalleled ability to engage and disengage on the go at speeds less than 20 mph, so that with the flip of a cab-mounted switch, you have the control and traction you need to go from on-highway to off-road. And back.

Unlike conventional front-wheel drive systems, EZ Trac maintains factory turning radius, ride quality, ground clearance, overall height and allows for a lower center of gravity, making your vehicle less likely to overturn and easier to handle.
Giving Existing Vehicles New Levels of Mobility
EZ Trac's auxillary system seamlessly installs on your vehicle and can be retrofitted to most vehicles without putting extra stress on existing engine components. So you don't have to buy a new vehicle to reach new levels of performance.

Our extensively trained in-house engineers are set up to make installation easy for you. And to do it in one third of the time required for typical mechanical axle installations.